Harvest for this week w/e 27/06/10
Harvest for this week w/e 4/07/10

Help with Blackfly control on Broad beans

I'm a lazy organic gardener, - i.e. i'm organic because I let nature take it's course and don't have time to add any chemicals into the equation, - but I still love to see things like this. - because of the hot and humid weather the blackfly are particularly abundant on my broadbeans this year. - A squirt with a hose jet (supporting the bean with your hand) gets rid of lots of them, - but i've got ladybirds by the dozen helping me out this year, - and the beans are so tasty, even my 6 yr old loves them.


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Su (Grace and Flavour)

I know one gardener (Nicky) who is moving ladybirds, gently, one by one, onto the broad beans! That's most definitely organic of the un-lazy variety!

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