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Harvest for this week w/e 4/07/10


it's been a strawberry week.

3 big bowls of strawberries, and I even had to make a berry smoothie today as I had some left over after pudding. The Raspberries are also ripening, considering we have more Autumn fruiting canes than summer ones, i'm very hopeful for later in the year as well.

The peas are now coming thick and fast, - we've had mangetout and sugar bon snap, enough to feed us for 2 suppers and to add to salads as well. The lettuce has been growing well, and we've been harvesting Can Can, Lollo Rosso and mixed leaves. The herbs are still producing in abundance, and i've used lots of mint and chervil this week, plus rosemary and broadleaved thyme. The chives that I cut back to 5cm from the pot a couple of weeks ago, now have lots of fresh new growth, which is excellent as the potatoes will be ready next week.

Also from Grace and Flavour, - where William helped our for the first time as the children's area is now ready, - we had a harvest of Rocket - Early Potatoes, 2 Cucumbers, Radishes,  and Courgettes.

The crop sharing has now been worked out and my work over the last few months has resulted in a 40% discount on the supermarket price.  Well worth a few hours weeding in the sun with local friends.

My shopping bill this week has been drastically reduced, - only Apples & Bananas bought as fruit, and peppers and onions for vegetables (sorry Ocado, only groceries needed for the next few weeks)


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