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i've now got 4 out of my 6 regular clients growing vegetables in one way or another, it's great that they are growing their own, and i'm loving helping them be successful veg growers, but yesterday I had to admit that the green eyed jealousy monster came out.

I've grown some lovely courgettes from seed this year, and as I always do, I grow too many and so my clients get some of them.

here's my plant at home growing nicely and about to give me fruits in the next week.

Same seeds, same germination time (in the same greenhouse) - clients garden

Courgettes Soleil and defender ready to pick and the climbing courgette trombicino, doing very nicely.

I know that there is more sun in their south facing garden than mine, and that the soil is imported top soil mixed with compost, whereas mine is infested with conifer roots, - but, it's not fair, (stamps feet like a petulant child!) she's the beginner and i'm meant to be the expert :(

Oh well i'll have to console myself with knowing that i'll get some of the crop when i'm watering during holidays :)


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sue Wellman

I think you are right about courgettes doing better in a sunny position. Mine in France went in quite late but, as last year,are now producing more than we can eat again. This year we only planted two but we still seem to get 2 or 3 a day.

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