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Alchemilla Mollis, give it a 2nd flowering chance

Alchmilla mollis

In late May and June, the acid yellow flowers of Alchemilla mollis, are fantastic for brightening up a border, or acting as a foil for blue's and purples. By the beginning of August though, they are now looking rather sad and brown

By giving it a severe (see below for how severe I mean) haircut now, to take it right back to the crown, you will encourage new growth, and if we have a mild autumn, they'll also be a 2nd lot of flowers, - which will be a nice and cheerful addition to your autumn borders.

Alchemilla is also a prolific seeder, so this also has another bonus that you don't have to do a huge amount of weeding next spring (although if you want extra plants, you can leave some to seed, or divide the plants in spring)


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