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Harvest for this w/e 26/09/10


The last few weeks have seen me making tomato meals by the dozen, but today I cleared out the greenhouse of all but 3 plants, so I do have rather a lot more to deal with.

I've also harvested the last of the french beans today, and the Kohl rabi - very small, but the caterpillars had eaten practically all of the leaves, so they're not likely to get past golf ball size, so i've picked them to use in coleslaw. We also picked the last few carrots, - most had split and were no use, so William got the last 2. The courgettes are still producing. I've cleared out the climbing plants, harvesting 8 rather nice small ones, and the yellow ones still have lots coming even though i've picked 5 this week.

We're back onto lettuce again now, with the Can Can at harvesting size, and rocket and salad leaves coming on fast. The Chervil and parsley have been great this week, and i've also used Sage, coriander seeds and Rosemary in cooking.

I've also used the first of the chilli peppers, and i've got a great harvest coming, and i'm very pleased to have picked my first Marconi Rosso pepper today, - fully red.

The fruit's still coming, my blueberries and raspberries were cup winners last week at the West Horsley Horticultural Society show, and as well as them, i've had more apples this week, they're still making excellent juice, and more damsons from the tree hanging over the fence.


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