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Lawn still looking poorly

This spring was one of the driest on records, - until it became one of the wettest Augusts! - so lawns were put under a lot of strain early in the year. Consequently there were lots of dry brown patches. Now though, with the rain soaking almost all of the country for weeks, your lawn should be growing and lush, - and if there are still bare patches, it could be down to this little fellow

The glove is there to give you some idea of scale, as this Chafer Grub can be as long as 2-3 cms. and its favourite meal is the roots of your grass.

This one was found at the edge of a border when we were doing some planting. The lawn nearby had several bald patches.

The solution, - well the lawn patches are dead, so you will have to rake out the dead thatch and reseed those areas, but the root of the problem is (pardon the pun) at the roots. So to keep you lawn looking good, a yearly deterrent against these fellows is needed at this time of year (and yes it is only usually the right temperature and weather conditions from the end of August to the end of September.)

Nemasys Chafer Grub killer contains microscopic worms which will do the job for you, so if you still have bare patches and the lawn is looking poorly, - get on and order this weekend.


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lawn grubs

Informative post on the chafer grub. Not many people know about this. A lot of people know about lawn grubs. Many lawn professionals prescribe a set of insecticides without detailed analysis of the lawn. This is an eye opener and something to think about. Keep writing.

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