If you do only one garden chore this week, - prune your lavender
Do you know what's on your fruit?

Solanum nigrum, Nightshade deadly or not...

This week, i've spotted a lot of this weed.

It isn't Deadly nightshade, - but it is in the Solanum family and it is toxic, it's common name being black nightshade

It is Solanum Nigrum, and it seems to be seeding a lot this year in gardens i'm weeding, - particularly (worryingly) in those with young children. It likes disturbed soil, so if you've been digging it will love the turned over earth, and It's a fast grower, - getting to a foot high within a month to 6 weeks. The green berries are more poisonous than the ripe black fruit, - but I would suggest that this is one to remove with gloves and destroy whenever it is seen.


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One of my small dogs stuck his nose into some Solanum N. ... he sneezed for two days. I've been finding it and tugging it out since.

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