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Community gardening at its best

I've had the most fantastic day full of gardening, and I only got 1/2 an hour of weeding done in my own garden. I've spent the rest of the day at Grace and Flavour.

Do you remember how empty the garden looked back in April?

Well now after 6 months of hard teamwork, the garden looks completely different, and full of crops


After the most amazing summer of harvest, the team are now concentrating on getting winter crops in the ground. With Courgettes and Squash over and harvested, today was spent weeding, preparing soil and planting Onions and Garlic.


The butternut squash and pumpkins, plus borlotti beans are all drying in the polytunnel.

The cucumbers in the poly tunnel (Burpless Tasty green) are nearly finished, - not bad lasting until the end of October, when we started harvesting from them in June.

We're now into the winter veg, Leeks, Kale, Carrots, and winter salad like this fantastic Radicchio


After a busy morning, today's bonus was a Baked Potato lunch.


Bonfire baked potatoes were accompanied by a fantastic salad, - couldn't have been much fresher.

We also had soup, Cake and plenty of tea to wash it down



An amazing opportunity for all ages (ages 5 to senior there today) to meet together and have a shared interest. I'd usually say and to get fresh air and exercise, but the amount of cake consumed probably negates the exercise, - oh well the fresh vegetables I brought home today with my member discount will hopefully make up for that during the week.


Thank you everyone for making this garden so excellent, - i'm not going to name you all, you know who you are.



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Su Johnston

Nothing to add to that Clare - other than isn't it great to be part of it, and my oft-heard cry of "what a lovely bunch of people!". Thanks! Su

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