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October 2010

Community gardening at its best

I've had the most fantastic day full of gardening, and I only got 1/2 an hour of weeding done in my own garden. I've spent the rest of the day at Grace and Flavour.

Do you remember how empty the garden looked back in April?

Well now after 6 months of hard teamwork, the garden looks completely different, and full of crops


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Apples at Wisley

I love going to Wisley with my family, but sometimes it is lovely to sneek off there on my own, and this afternoon I had 2 refusals when I mentioned a walk, so I got to enjoy the afternoon sun solo.

Wisley had their taste of Autumn show on this weekend, so I left arriving until later than usual (although the gurhkas were organising the car park with clockwork efficiency, so it wasn't a problem) My brisk walk up to the orchards got me some lovely shots of the apples against the sky.

I then strolled down to the show tents, and although too late for the talks in the cookery demonstration marquee (would have liked to listen to Mark Diacono, but didn't have the urge to come during the crowds at 2pm) there were still plenty of apple to taste and compare, and lots of different varieties to marvel at

This was the just half the range of the UK apples, then there were hundreds of others from different counties.

Of course the show wasn't exclusively apples, but I avoided the tasting tents of all the other foodie specialities, so as not to spend all this week's food budget in one go.

I did manage to have a chat with Mario who now runs the model Veg garden. He was proudly selling off loads of the vegetables and fielding veggie questions, Leeks, Celeriac and onions were looking great, but these were my favourites.

i'll have to make some more Chilli Jam this week

When lazy gardening pays off

wow is it already mid October, - where are the weeks running away too? - Sometimes when there is soooo much to be done, tidying up falls by the wayside (or is that just round here?)

Remember this rather stunning sunflower that sprouted from a dropped bird seed?

well as it was about to be decapitated by the bird feeder, I used it in a bunch of flowers I gave to a friend. Being in my normal busy way for the last couple of months, - I didn't get round to pulling out the root.

So now, for being very lazy, - i have a triple reward.


so maybe my motto should now be - good things come to those who wait (before tidying up!)