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Birthday bloomday post November 2010

I've been really lax about showing you what's flowering in my garden over the last couple of months, - I've even taken photos a couple of times, but never got round to posting them, so here in are my bloom day posts for today

The Nerines are star of the show, - I said I was going to add more last year, and in February when the bulbs are available, I forget, - I will this year, as I want extra displays of this lovely late bulb.

This is my first ever time for growing Chrysanths, - they're in a pot and havn't really been lavished with care, so i'm quite impressed i've got blooms, and may give them another go next year, so that i've some to cut for vases.

This Calendula is in my front garden border, and has bloomed and bloomed all year, - I think they're fantastic value and will be growing it again ( although as it sows itself, I probably havn't got any sayin the matter!)

This Schizostylis is a promise of more flowers to come, although it got rather battered in the rain last week, and I need to do lots of weed clearance and mulching in that border

After suffering at the beginning of the year, because of the dry, these Erigeron karvinsianus are now in full flower.

These fuschia hawkshead flowers may be small, but they long lasting white.

That's all from my garden today, - thanks as usual to Carol from May Dream Gardens for hosting


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Such pretty blooms ... love the colour of your Calendula and those Nerines are gorgeous.


Gorgeous! I love the fuschia hawkshead, that's a new one on me, I'm not usually much of a Fuschia fan but that is wonderfully delicate. And I agree, you've got to love the calendulas! real garden troupers. I meant to try Chrysanths in pots this year, but didn't get around to it. I think I will have to try harder next year, those green pompoms are wonderful.

Dorothy/Gardening with Nature

Your blooms are wonderful. I always enjoy so much seeing what people in other climes are growing, especially at this time of year. I especially like those sweet little fuchsia flowers.


I too have the beautiful green mum, but mine is planted in the garden. It came back beautifully from last year. Give it a try.

Claire Brown

I do love the fuchsia, - small but well formed, and were flowering well into December last year. Donna, - can see that your green mum is doing well, - will try it here, - think i'll keep in in the greenhouse till spring to give it the best chance.

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