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Protecting your pots over winter

Can I put leaves in my compost heap?

with all the rain and wind last week, most of the leaves are now on the floor, so there's going to be lots of hard work over the next few weeks to rake them all up, - but what do you do with them?


Mixed leaves like those I swept onto this groundsheet last week, will rot down to make a fantastic leaf mulch over the next 18 months to 2 years, even if you just leave them in a heap, or put them in a bag.


but can you put them in a compost bin?

Well in small amounts you can, - BUT, because leaves take 18-24 months to become this fantastic mulch, and the other contents of your compost bin will only take 6-9months (if layered properly), I've found that it's a lot easier to separate them out where ever possible, and use leaf bins, or bags.

plastic or wire mesh will make a great bin, or big bags (like builders bags) - the 3 things that are needed are water (wet leaves rot down a lot better than dry ones - not usually a problem here in England) air, and time.

more details about making leaf mulch here




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Michele Hoover

most people put their leaves in the street.

Compost heap

Great, some people will just throw it in a trash bin. Your idea is really eco-friendly, it will reduce waste in landfill and turn it to a usable product.

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