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Planning for 2011 - Borders full of flowers without the full price cost

In February, (wow, nearly here already!) the garden is often looking at its drabest. No leaves remaining on the deciduous bushes or trees, seedheads that looked fantastic in the Autumn are now rather bedraggled, border perennials have been cut back, (and if they havn't been, look out for my post about winter border clearance soon) and although the bulbs are starting to poke through the ground, a lot of borders are empty of plants. But for me, February is a great playtime for making new plants. Seed sowing, division and cuttings can start off in earnest, and from this early season start there will be harvest of flowers this year.


So this week, ahead of a mammouth seed sowing and gardening weekend, my priorities will be

1) sort through my seed boxes, - work out all the vegetable and flower seeds that can be sown in February and set them aside

2) get together all the recycled containers that i'll be using for my sowings and divisions. This would normally mean a visit to the Squires recycling crate for pots and trays, - plus gathering together all the leftover loo rolls and fruit containers that make wonderful seed trays


3) and go back through my photos of my borders last summer. So that I can work out what was taking up too much room and could be split.


If you havn't taken photos, by this time of year, it is very hard to believe that your border will fill out in the summer


So as with all things in life, planning is the key, and i'll be burning the midnight oil, as I plan that my garden will be its best ever 2011



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What a great idea to sort your seed packets into the months when they can be sowed. That's what I'll be doing this afternoon. Thanks for the tip!


I had to laugh, as I am sitting here reading your post next to my own box of seeds ready to sow, and the household has been on loo roll centre collection duty for weeks now so that I could amass a large carrier bag full ready to fill with compost! This is also the time of year when I realise that although I took loads of photos somehow I didn't quite take the right photos to re-plan the piece of garden I really want to concentrate on...

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