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How to recycle your Christmas tree

It may not be 12th night yet, but hubby is back to work tomorrow, and i'm ready to get out of Christmas mode now. If you chose to have a real Christmas tree this holiday, like me, now you have to work out what to do with your conifer when you've removed your decorations.

Which Tree did you get? If it was pot grown tree, then you can quite safely put it out in the back garden, either leaving it in its pot when you've given it a water, or planting into the ground (if it's not frozen). If you got a potted tree then you might be able to get it to grow again next year, now is the time to put it out in the back garden (after a water) and keep your fingers crossed.

If your tree was a cut one, it's now probably starting to shed a lot of needles, and recycling it is a good idea. Ours is a noble fir, and although it has held on to its needles very well, they are no longer glossy green.

Our tree (with a little pruning) will become tub trugs of fantastic smelling shreddings for our compost bin.


But if you haven't got a shredder, or don't have room for composting, - don't despair. When all your decorations have been removed, there are a list of places that will take your sad looking reject, and recycle them.

Squires Garden Centre already have their Pen ready for your dead trees, and Guildford Borough Council have a list of places you can take your trees to between Today (3rd) and the 16th January.

Happy New Year


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