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Think big and go for it

This evening is a case of phew....

My first big commercial project report is in.

I've worked my socks off this week, stretched myself, worked at the very limits ( and sometimes beyond) of my comfort zone, and managed not to annoy any of my other clients in the process.

I have supplied, to deadline. the planting listing and plan for a rather wonderful ( or will be when it's finished) conversion project in Ealing.


I read this blog post, just a month ago, and realised that although the main reason for my business is to be able to collect my son from school, and be there during most of the holidays. That doesnt' stop me from doing what I do well on a bigger scale than I'm doing now.

Just 3 weeks ago I was asked through a contact to give a quote for visiting and advising a company who were renovating some houses in London (yep, inside the M25). Two weeks ago I set the Sat Nav, and found my way to my first ever Site visit. I survived the backing out watched by workmen, and was invited to supply them a planting plan.

When I saw the suggestions already in for this project. I gasped. - A neutral soil, with shade from an Oak. The front garden to a presitigious multi million pound project, and an stylish Edwardian villa to boot, and the suggestions were "carpark" plants,- Aucuba, Fatsia japonica, Mahonia, Cytisus Allgold, Skimmia Rubellla and Hebe.

That's when I realised that I can do this kind of project, - I do know the "right" plants for this (or any) type of project, and I can add value to what they are showing off to their clients

Now the project has the plants it deserves, - Stylish, Elegant, Easy to care for, With fantastic interest during the months this garden will be on display as the show house.

Here's part of my plant palette.


with many thanks to Fiona for inspiring me with her blog, Jo, for seeing that what I do in private gardens could help a commercial project, and The Horsley Network, for bringing us together


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James hall

Looks great Claire, good luck. Thanks for the advice today too! ;0)


Aaaah! Great blog post Claire and so glad that you're thinking bigger. Your business is flourishing this year and it's great to see the projects taking shape


Lovely plants, thank goodness they had the sense to choose you, you have rescued them from plant mediocrity! Congrats on thinking big and acting on it.

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