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Top tips for planning your best garden ever. No 2 - Empty your Compost

Ok, hands up, who's got a compost bin at the bottom of the garden? - good, most of you with your hands up, - keep those hands up, if you've emptied it in the last 6 months? - where did all those hands go?

Ok, so compost isn't the most glamourous topic, but especially if you've got a free draining soil as those of us near the North Downs and in the Surrey Hills have, - you need as much compost and mulch on it as possible.

I emptied my compost bins this weekend, and spread the contents on the vegetable beds and filled a couple of large pots that i'll be growing veg in. - i've got three bins, and I empty them at least 3 times a year, sieveing  the contents with my mega machine.

This means that I get fine compost, and put the partially decomposed stuff back in the bins to be got out in a couple of months time.

But if you havn't emptied your bins recently, that probably means that you havn't got anywhere to put this years supply of grass clippings/kitchen waste/soft weeds and hedge trimmings/shredded paper or card (50% or each please)

At this time of the year, your borders are fairly empty, and have lots of new shoots poking through that would love a warm carpet of compost to help them through to May, - take pity on your borders, and empty your compost bins.


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