3 years old, - Happy blogday thanks....
The promise of fruit to come

Highlights, Challenges, Problems & Successes

In the last 3 years i've written about a whole range of subjects, - all garden related in some way. Here is a reminder of some of the posts that have been read the most, or were commented on.

Highlights, - Thankfully, some of my highlights of the borders i've planted, were also the posts that were most returned to, - Seems like everyone wants to know about Plants for Dry Shady Borders, and how to create a Cottage Garden look with out the high level of work


This is a photo of the cottage garden border this week.

Challenges - Well every garden faces weed and pest problems, but the top hitting blog post i've ever written deals with how to stop vermin getting in your compost. Although Marestail and Ground Elder are constant perennial problems, it seems that most people know what they are, so my post about Sticky weed gets read a lot more

Problems that a lot of modern gardeners have, often are to do with lack of time. I received quite a response when I asked about some "fake" plants that i'd found that I though might sort a no maintenance garden

and i've loved sharing my Successes,- whether it be having a go in a local Horticultural Society Show, Harvesting fantastic crops from my garden, or showing off what's flowering every month on Garden bloggers bloom day

Let me know if there's something you'd like to know about that I havn't covered.


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