May flowering alliums, great for whatever size garden space.
What's that sticky weed?

Weeds or worth it?

Aqueligia, or Granny's bonnets.


I spend a lot of my professional life pulling out weeds. But when is a plant a weed? This Aqueligia certainly wasn't sown by me, but at this time of the year, in this border, it's a lovely addition. When it strays over the drive to my foliage border, then it's a weed, and i've been evicting them before they overtake my Hostas, but here i'm quite happy to let them stay, - under control. For flower between the tulips and the summer perennials.



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Margaret Ogden

I love them. If they grow in the wrong place I just pull them out, usually let them flower first so I can enjoy them. I've even blogged about them too!

Fiona Humberstone

I LOVE aquelegias and the fact that they self seed everywhere is a bonus for me. Your front garden is looking gorgeous...

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