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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2011

The middle of May, and we are still very short of water here in Surrey. We did have one day of rain last week, but my soil is parched.

The warm and dry conditions have meant that most plants are over sooner than last year, - last year on GBBD I still had Tulips, Iris, Dicentra, Camassia's and Blueberries flowering, - this year in their place I have

Aqueligias, Roses and Erigeron.

This is my favourite combination at the moment, - Anthemis and Penstemon Heavenly Blue.

The clematis generally are doing well - This is Rebecca, - in a pot by my front door

and this is Multiblue

But my white ground cover early sensation was damaged by the winter weather, and only had a few flowers this year.

The Paeonies were here long before I was,This one was hidden under a shed for a year, but has bounced back strongly


I don't know what it is, anyone want to give me a guess?

I've also got more roses, Astrantia, Lupins, some pathetic Alliums, Sage, Chives and Euphorbia Oblongata.

As ever, thanks to Carole for hosting, - lots of blooms from all over the world to look at over at May Dream Gardens Blog


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wandering jew plant

Beautiful blooms.

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