What not to buy at Garden Centres this Bank holiday weekend
May flowering alliums, great for whatever size garden space.

Lily Beetles, pretty pest with destructive power.

This afternoon I was weeding a border that i've ignored so far this year.

Unfortunately the Lily beetles have been munching on my lilies while they've been hidden by weeds.


I managed to find 16 of the little blighters on just 3 plants, luckily their bright red shells are easy to spot.


They like to hide in the tightly curled folds at the middle of the lily, and there were quite a full couples making best use of my plants, in between munching holes. Over the next few days i'll have to keep a careful eye to make sure that none of those patches of "mud" turn into mini beetles.

You have to show no mercy to these pretty pests, as you'll loose your complete lily and daylily (hemorocallis) collections within days.

Happy hunting.


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