Lily Beetles, pretty pest with destructive power.
Weeds or worth it?

May flowering alliums, great for whatever size garden space.

The onion family, - Allium are flowering this month


This is the scene at Wisley gardens at the moment, by the glasshouse. The Allium hollandicum Purple Sensation are flowering their socks off in a huge bank of colour.

But if you havn't got room for hundreds and hundreds of Allium, and everything in your garden has to pull its weight, then look no further than another member of the onion family, the humble Chive.


Chives are great as a easy to grow herb which gives great flavouring to mixed herbs, eggs and potatoes.

They can be grown from seed, or clumps can be split.

The flowers are so wonderful, you want to let them bloom, but unfortunately the stems that have flowered then become hollow and tough, and no good for cooking with, so I suggest planting several clumps and letting most flower while keeping one with young shoots by removing all budding stems.

They can be cut back hard if they do get to the point where they are getting overgrown, and they'll spring back up again in just a couple of weeks.

If you'd like to know more about how herbs can be added in to your garden to add flowers and food, Plantpassion has 2 workshops coming up

Easy Herb Growing on Saturday 14th May


Herbs and Salads all year round on 11th June


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