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Vine weevil attack, - or there goes the fruit cup...

While gardening today for a client, one of her friends asked me why her blueberry was going all brown. (yes, like doctors, I get asked questions whereever I am, - today I was underneath a gooseberry bush weeding!)

I replied that in this hot weather, it was probably due to lack of water, and that Blueberries (being acid loving) don't much like our Alkaline tap water round here.

But when I got home, while watering, (with the last of my waterbutt rainwater) I noticed that my Blueberries were also turning a tad brown, and as I know i've been lavishing the water on them, because they didn't flower much, I took a closer look


Unfortunately these tell tale notches in the leaves can mean only one thing


I had my worst fears were confirmed when I went to knock the Blueberry out of its pot to check the rootball, only to find that the roots had been eaten away and there was very little left.


There in the compost was a creamy white empty larvae shell, and then sitting on the wall I noticed the adult culprit.


I snapped this pic of the Adult and the Larvae shell, before administering my own form of insect control with my boot.

 This means that i'll have to go out tomorrow to get some Nemasys Vine Weevil control. This is the organic way of getting a bug that eats a bug to do the dirty work for me.

Steinernema Kraussei is the nematode that is the active "ingredient" - it turns up in the pack looking like some dried out clay, and you mix it with water before applying it to those things that may be infested. In my case i'll be watering it on to all the pots on my patio. 

Of course the thing that i'm most annoyed about, is that they were my prizewinning Darrow berries.  Without them, my hopes of regaining the West Horsley Horticultural Society fruit cup in the autumn are fading :(

So if your blueberries are going brown, it might not be your watering, - maybe check for the tell tale signs of vineweevil?



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