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What's that sticky weed?

We've just had the briefest of rain showers after 9 weeks of drought, but that will be enough to start the weeds regrowing.

One that can spread fantastically fast during May and swallow up seedlings and even established plants is Sticky weed


Sticky weed, sometimes known as Cleavers, - or its latin name of Galium Aparine is starting to multiply everywhere this week.

It is spread by clinging on to clothing or animals so that the seed is spread round the garden.

Yes Children love it, but the weed is counting on them to spread itself!

To stand a chance of eliminating it, you need to get it before it seeds. Get down on your hands and knees (a good pair of knee pads is needed as its favourite hiding place is under spiky hedges in my experience) - it's easy to pull up and remove, although it can be a skin irritant, so gloves are a must.

If you're going put it on the compost heap, let it dry out first, or put it in a plastic bag to go mushy before you add it.



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