If you've got Rosemary or Lavender in your garden, check for this
Magnolia Grandiflora - first flower of the year

Drought or Drowning

I'm sitting at my desk watching the rain hammering down outside. After no rain in March, April and May, now summer has started, we're really making up for it.


The plants in the ground are loving it. With sunshine between the showers, it is perfect growing weather for them. But if you have seedlings that you've taken outside to harden off, you now need to take them out of their drip trays, or you'll risk drowning them.

These lavenders needed to be rescued from a 2 inch well of water in their propagator tray. If the weather gets hot again though, i'll pop them back in the tray as small pots and plug trays can dry out very quickly.


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Yup - wish I had read that last time it rained...drowned/killed every last basil seedling I had growing.

Thanks Claire!

Glass Votive Holders

I wish for yours that this it should rain and help your seedling growing.

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