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I may have mentioned before (just a couple of times) that i'm rather into composting. Turning as much of my garden and kitchen waste as possible into stuff that I can put back into the garden, either as mulch or a growing medium.

I thought i'd found the ultimate composting bins when our 3 bay wooden wonder made a batch of compost in 5 months.


Unfortunately not long after that, we found that a couple of Rats (probably from the farm fields opposite the houses behind us) also liked our compost bin, so much that they had a whole family and were most reluctant to leave us.

So the open compost bin had to go.

In it's place, I foolishly let my husband loose on the Henchman stand at the Hampton Court Flower show.

My hubby is a gadget man, - usually IT stuff, but heh, if the wife insists on a day out at a flower show, then gardening gadgets will do just fine. Which is how we got to order a rather expensive compost turning gadget.


The startup price for one of these is £315. Yep sharp intake of breath, even with a show special offer, these are in the Expensive with a capital E range.

It says that you can get compost in 6-8 weeks, but for that you will need to turn the handle to roll it over slightly more often than me (which is whenever I remember, but not every day!)

The first load for us took about 5-6 months, but that was over the winter. Since then we have got better and quicker. It is only 9 weeks since we last turned out this bin, but this was what greeted me when I discovered i'd run out of shop bought growing media and stil had seven dahlias to pot up on Sunday.


with a quick sift through the rotaseive (about 90% went through) this was a fantastic growing compost that looked a lot better for plant growth, and was practically peat free 

(* please note for those campaigning against any use of peat, until ALL plants sold at nurseries are peat free, what comes out of my compost bin can't be peat free, as I recycle any dead plants)

I won't be wandering onto the Henchman stand this year at the Hampton Court Flower show, as i've done my bit for keeping them going. But if you want a rodent free composting system, and think home composting is worth doing, - get saving


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Home composting

I'm using a very reliable composting bin and I've never encountered pest in it not even once, so I can say that I'm composting effectively.

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