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If you've got Rosemary or Lavender in your garden, check for this

For the last couple of years, i've noticed this lovely looking shiny Rosemary beetle, more and more often.

Although pretty looking, these beetles strip the Rosemary plants of foliage, leaving bare skeletal branches if not controlled.

There are no chemicals to control this pest, but usually that isn't a problem if you know to look for them as they are easy to spot, eating the tips of your tasty herb.

Today however i've also spotted the little rotters moved in on newly planted Lavender.


They were eating the flowers, and were easy to catch as they sat still and waited for me to collect them up and lead them to their doom. However these are now here and here to stay, so if you've got Rosemary or Lavender in your garden, - go out and take a look, - let me know if you find them, - i'd love to know how far they have spread.


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So glad I've never spotted one of them here, but I'll keep an eye out! I can't tell the color, are they green?

Claire, Plantpassion

they are shiny black and green, very distinctive.


I'll certainly look out or this pest as not very far from you. Just planted a replacement rosemary and bought a white one at weekend, plus lavenders. Will need to be vigilant I think! Thank you Claire
for the advice.

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