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A new set of garden friends

Those of you that follow me on Twitter will know that we lost our 3 chickens to the fox last week, - In daylight with me in the house.

Unfortunately like last time, - The fox didn't take the chickens for food, - he just broke their necks and left them there.

We were going to wait until we had completely redone our outer run, - but by the weekend I was missing having company in the garden, and there was noone to feed the slugs to, - so we phoned our Chicken Guy, Dean, and he'd just had a delivery of rescue chickens earlier in the week.


Here are 2 of our new girls (they wouldn't all stay together to get a picture of all three of them.)

They are really nervous to start with, making it quite difficult to catch them, but they'll get used to us in the coming months, - and will soon get used to running up to me to catch slugs.

When they arrive with us, these rescue chickens look in a rather bad way, but by the time they've been with us for a few weeks, they will have plumped out, and have all their feathers back. particularly if they get to sun themselves.


After spotting Mr Fox again last night (they were all safely locked away, but made enough fuss to make me look up) we won't be letting them out except when we're in the garden,

I've had lots of suggestions for helping to deter foxes, - Human hair will get tried, we will look into an electric fence, but I think the shotgun may be a step too far.




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Ena Ronayne

Oh how sad! I love foxes and chickens there in lies the dichotomy as to my rationale for not allowing myself a chicken or 2!

I had meant to reply to your earlier post about walking in Wisley. Lucky you to have such a beautiful spot right on your doorstep.

Ena x.x


Wow, great to see pics of the new arrivals - but very sad to hear of the demise of the others... Our chickens are in their 'safe' run when we aren't in the garden, and in a penned-in-but-not-fox-proof bigger area when we are out there. We've given up on completely free ranging them after realising how much they trash the place ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing the 'after' feathers once your new ladies are fully settled in!

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