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Border Planting - The view from the kitchen window

Border Planting - Bold and Brilliant update

At the begining of the year, I showed you how my Bold and Brilliant border, planted last June had turned out so far. Now i've got an update as it's a full year since it was planted.


Last Winter started with a killing frost in October, that turned the dahlias in this border black overnight. But my clients were very sensible and put a thick layer of mulch over them straight away, to help them through the winter. The other half hardy plants - the Salvia Patens and the Pennisetum Fireworks unfortunately didn't make it through the frost

Of the hardy plants, the phormiums suffered the most. Although they weren't killed, they are not looking as strong this year.

However, the Verbena bonariensis, and the cosmos obviously LOVED the soil conditions and have multiplied profusely by seeding themselves.

The Stipa Gigantea and the miscanthus grasses have grown furiously, and the fennel - planted from 9cm pots, are now about 8ft tall.

By mid May with the Alliums in full bloom, the cosmos were big enough to be transplanted to fill all the areas that had spaces from the half hardy plants.


Last week, this was the border, full of bloom, - the only addition this year being one pack of Californian poppy seed.

This time last year, - this is what it looked like


It's also now possible to see that 80% of the Dahlias have survived the winter, - The agapanthus, Sedum and Helenium, and the other grasses, particularly the red Imperata (at the front of the picture above) have done very well

Here's another view


If you'd like a border that reflects your house and personal style, and will have plants that thrive in your soil conditions, get in touch - - 07813 456854



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john lord

"Dahlias survived with a layer of mulch over them". After last winter? Was the garden in the Channel Islands?

Claire, Plantpassion

no, not the Channel Islands, - Surrey. The temperature was freezing for a long time, but the soil is chalky and very free draining, and that border was well prepared before planting.

cathi burge

Claire - terrific planning and design. Looking back, it was more colorful than ever and the combination of depth and height, made the garden appear larger than the space without the plants. I feel like I'm back in Southern California... and look forward to your tips and ideas 2012! Cathi Burge

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