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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 2011

Border Planting - The view from the kitchen window

Have you got to that point where the inside of the house is done, but now you need to get the outside to be as stylish.


This was the point my clients had got to in March. The view from the kitchen window was a mismatched border with little light and a child's toy and pots dumping ground


This house has a wrap around garden, and this was the point where the garden went around the house, but apart from a couple of old stepping stones, there was no distinction between lawn, border and hedging at the boundary,

To start off the border preparation, the tree ceanothus had to go, and the border soil was dug deeply and enriched as it is a free draining neutral loam.


We took an educated guess that the Acer was a purple leaved one, and, using that and the remaining hebe as the key foliage plants, we made this border a coloured foliage theme, so that there is interest from the window all year round.


2 additional Acers, Berberis admiration, Hellebores, Pittosporum tom thumb, Ceratostigma, Ferns and Ophiopogon were some of the varieties selected. With campanula, geranium macchorizum and epimedium for ground cover.

This was the border nicely filling out this week.

With the addition of a lovely BBQ patio, and pergola bars added to tie this into the kitchen part of the garden, this can now start to be a view worthy of a kitchen window



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Robert Webber

Another plantpassion success story!
Looks great.

Claire, Plantpassion

thanks Robert.

if we can keep the weeds at bay, it will fill out nicely


I'm curious to know why you decided to remove the tree? It looked healthy and was adding height to an otherwise flat area.

Claire, Plantpassion

Hi Susan.
thanks for your comment, -it was actually a ceanothus which is shallow rooted, and short lived, and had been disturbed in a storm, so was likely to go downhill this year. Also we wanted the view from the kitchen across this border to the garden and the childrens play area beyond, so we didn't want an eye level blocking the way.

Cat Colby

That looks great and can't wait to see our view this year one year on... X

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