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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 2011

it's the middle of the month already, so it must be time for a detailed look at what's flowering in my garden. Thanks to Carole at May Dream Gardens for this chance to have a look round the world at some July Blooms.

Most of my roses are through their first flush of flowers, - but this Rosa Surrey ground cover rose is in partial shade and is still looking lovely.

I'm very pleased that my eryngium is seeding itself round the garden, This particular bloom is from a plant in the paving next to the border.

My scented phlox and lily combination is fading fast because of the heat, but I was actually amazed that the lily had 3 big blooms bearing in mind it has been eaten by lily beetles all season. The clematis is Princess Diana.

it's not all pinks and pastels in my garden at this time, - I love this Mondarda, Helenium combination, and my geranium Rozanne is adding in a vibrant purple blue to this border as well.

My foliage bed has shone this season, with the Hosta's benifitting from very few slugs, and the flowers are now giving a display as well.

and looking closely at the beds has shown me that these have come out in the last couple of days - Cyclamen Hederifolium

I've also got Calendula, Verbena bonariensis, Sunflowers, Verbascum, Hydrangeas, Helianthus, Erigeron karvinskianus, Achillea ptarmica the pearl, and Aster frikatii monch flowering.


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I love that Monarda - havent seen it in that colour before, any ideas which one it is?

Claire, Plantpassion

ah, - the thing is I grew it from seed, and was expecting red, and it came out purple, - happy coincidence, but means I don't know which one.
It also doesn't particularly like my dry soil, there are hardly any leaves, and what there is are covered in mildew.


Very pretty! I love the plant in your second photo...very striking texture.

Christine @ The Gardening Blog

Love the Rosa Surrey! What is that planted around it? It looks like our local Babiana?

Claire, Plantpassion

Christine - I think it is a wine red gladioli, but looking through my photos I have none of it flowering, so must get out there this year with the camera to catch it.

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