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Hampton Court flower show 2011- my show garden highlights

I spent a lovely day at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, with my friend Helen today. As we were unemcumbered by other halves, we were able to focus solely on plants and gardening, with no gadgets or time out for posh lunches needed, - so here are my thoughts about the gardens which we had time to look at in detail.

This is the Tudor Rose winning (best in show) I am, because of who we are, by Caroline Comber with Petra Horackova. I loved the planting, - not least because there would be something there all  year round with the Bergenia and Euphorbia. Not that those Digitalis would have room to seed for next year.

The rusty metal curves were very striking, and that material was used again in the Vesta Wealth's Gary's Garden by Paul Martin


The Blue agapanthus in this garden were stunning and the pathway, really led you round, although I wasn't that keen on the Pavilion.

This clear Blue was used again with a stunning yellow daylily in this small garden, - the name of which I completly missed, - if someone can let me know i'd be grateful. (Update, thanks to Michelle of Vegplotting, I now know that this is the Deptford Project Garden, An Urban Harvest)

I love that thyme path.

There were several more paths that I noticed. - This Hoggin style surface and planting would look great in a communal space, and I wanted to stroke that sculpture.


This path was also impressive, - even more so when you realise that instead of being raked gravel, it is a resin bound surface. I found out as I watched someone walking over the ridges, - and they didn't move. - Low maintenance design at its best, - just blow away any trimmings from the Buxus balls


I've watched Fiona Stephenson's WWF's garden being built, via Blog posts from Lisa Cox, and on Landscape Juice, so it was great to see the finished product with clear chalk stream - a very successful combination of wild without being too messy.

And from very clear water, to very black water

I wasn't the only person thinking "how would you cut that grass" - on the World Vision Garden.

Best bright colour award. Has to go to the Control the Uncontrollable garden.- Designer Jill Foxley - The 2nd time a pink tap has been shown at HC to highlight this cause.


And last but by no means least (although there is no photo for obvious reasons) was the Garden by night, which we walked past 2ce, before seeing the queue to go in. This Cube lighting sponsored display (designed by Kari Beardsell) is a light excluded marquee. It shows how lighting can make a garden usuable at night, and I was suitably impressed by the different styles of eco friendly LED lights highlighting shurbs, trees and scented bedding like Nicotiana. The entrance to this is opposite the Chalk Stream WWF garden, - and I would really advise a visit.

If you're visiting this week, I hope you have a great time, - My normal park and ride carpark (Tiffin's sport field) was closed this year, so I used the Kingston Grammar sports field (£6) and took the ferry across the river (£1.80 each way) - lovely and near to the gate, and we parked in the shade, so highly recommended.


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Garden Beet

oh great...thanks for the summary....its a bit far from australia for me to visit this year so am now reliant on yours and others blog posts to keep up!! loads of balls ...and love the blue and pink round pod - great for children - and think it works becasue of the contrasting softer landscaping ...thanks again

Claire, Plantpassion

Yes a bit far from Australia, - glad I could help


oh Claire you've whet my appetite for plants and colour and am aggrieved that I will not be visiting HC this year alas. Thanks so much for sharing

Ena Ronayne
The Garden Design Co


Great write up. You can see the blue themes still coming through from many of the Chelsea gardens. Agapanths where certainly in favour then.

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