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Pruning summer fruiting raspberries

i've mentiond before that Raspberries are one of my favourite fruits and there's nothing better than having a fresh supply from the garden all through the summer.


during July, the summer fruiting varieties will finish producing, and need pruning.

if you're not sure which type your raspberries are, - these are summer (fruited raspberries) on the left, next to Autumn (about to fruit over the next few weeks) on the right.

at ground level, it's a lot easier to see.

The canes which have fruited were produced last year, - so are the old brown canes. Next year's raspberries will come on the newly sprouted green canes, - so we don't want to cut them out, just the old brown ones.

These summer fruiting types are slightly harder to work out what needs pruning compared to the Autumn fruiting types, which are just cut cut back completely in February details here.

The main thing is to get out there in the next couple of weeks to prune now, so that the next years growth gets the rest of the season to grow away. Also make sure the summer and autumn canes are separated so that it is easy to sort them out.

Happy raspberry picking



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Robert Webber

You are the Raspberry Queen!
Seriously they are great fruit, far better than strawbs and little beats rasps and clotted. Great info!

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