Hampton Court flower show 2011- my show garden highlights
Border Planting - Bold and Brilliant update

Catching all the rain

Well it's been duck weather today. Almost Monsoon type showers, with sunny patches (short patches) in between.

i'm now drying out my second set of clothing, so it's time for some more reflection of my day at Hampton Court Flower show on Tuesday.


I always suggest to clients that they get waterbutts to put on their house downpipes. However one of the downsides of waterbutts is that they can look - well decidedly Plastic.

These Wooden Barrel butts seem infinitely more stylish than a plastic bin, and will be just the job for watering all your hanging baskets and pots that sit in the rain shadow of your house.

Now this might look a tad silly next to the house, - but if you've a shed or greenhouse in a woodland corner of the garden, - this could blend in nicely


Don't forget that you need to be able to either dunk, or put a watering can under a tap to fill. Having 2 decent watering cans means you can be filling one, while emptying the other.

These were shown on the Getting greener stand



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Jeff Dixon

I love these water butts much more pleasing on the eye than those nasty plastic butts. Great idea.

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