Pruning summer fruiting raspberries
Harvest for this w/e 7th August 2011

Post Holiday pathos

The trouble with being a gardener, is that when you go away on holiday, the garden just, - well does it's own thing.


Random thoughts on my early evening stroll.

How did that grass get so long and weedy in 11 days?

I'd better pick some apples, or those branches will break.

I wonder if the lemon cucumbers will taste better or worse now they are lemon colour?

Why is it that now the sweet peas are ready to pick, the Calendula are looking over?

How can weeds get to smoothering Hosta size in just over a week, when everything else in that dry shady border struggles?

Better get mowing/deadheading/picking/weeding in the morning, - good job noone thinks i'm home till tomorrow! (don't tell them)


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"Don't tell them" you say...given that you are now recognised as 6 in Wikio's top 20 gardening blogs (for which congrats) I think your secret may be out!

Robert Webber

All that happens when i haven't even gone away!
But I am sure with your RHS background you are more on the ball than me!

Claire, Plantpassion

Robert - The benefits of having chickens in the garden is that usually most of the i've got anything that is less than perfect staring me in the face 2ce a day (not that it always gets sorted)

Su - I know, wow how did that happen, must be all the wonderful readers I have :)


thank you

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in this picture it reminds me the garden of my grandma i miss my grandmother garden in our province

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