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An apple a day..... Needs a lovely tree in your garden

From my office window, I have a view of the back garden.

My view is centred, (some might say dominated) by a fabulous apple tree.

(ignore the dirty window and the glass reflections for this please!)

When we came to view this house in September 2007, I asked to taste an apple from the tree, and found that it was a lovely tasty, crisp and sweet dessert apple.

The following year I used the RHS fruit naming service to find out the variety of apple. I highly recommend this service, and this year (2011) it is free to members and non members on selected dates throughout September, October and November at the RHS gardens and shows.

So I found out that my apple is a Merton Worcester, - raised at the John Innes Institute, Merton around 1930.


It's Parents are Cox's Orange Pippin, and Worcester Pearmain. - Both readily available, but I hadn't heard of Merton Worcester before.

Because it peaks in September, we have apples ready to pick from the beginning of August (when they are rather tart, but great for stewing and juicing) Through to the end of October, and with careful storage, through to December.

The RHS letter also stated that it is a heavy cropper, - which it is, fabulously this year.

A garden centrepiece, summer shade, and fantastic blossom and fruit. I'd recommend an apple tree for every garden.

Apparently UK apple orchards have declined by 95% in the last 40 years, - so Copella the apple juice people are running a plant and protect campaign this year. Copella and The National trust currently have a promotion to increase the number of apples grown and re-ignite the nation’s passion for English apples.

If you have a tree, you are being asked to visit the campaign website  to register your apple tree variety to help map out the UK’s English Apple landscape. (I have)

If you havn't got one, and are currently having to buy your apple juice. - Copella will be offering Cox’s Orange Pippin trees, (That's one of the parents to my tree!) , to Sainsbury’s customers who collect tokens on 750ml bottles of Copella Apple juice, and apply on their website

I'm off to fill that hunger gap before dinner with an apple



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I planted a fuji tree last year, it's still gangly and small but waiting for some juicy red's soon! :) from Australia

Lisa and Robb

Apple naming and mapping. So impressive!

I'm trying to find a way to cram a small apple tree into my tiny urban garden in Oakland California.

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