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Allotment gardening here I come...

Yes, At last, the Brown family have an allotment, and I can tell you about it. You see I was having to keep it a bit of a secret and we weren't allowed to start until we had the official go ahead because.

It's the National Trust's 1000th Allotment.

For anyone that doesn't know, a couple of years ago in 2009, the NT, pledged to create 1000 new allotments on their land so that individuals, community groups and schools could grow their own. They joined up with the Landshare website to get the word out about the land that was to be shared, and they've surpassed their own expectation of getting to their target by 2012

I was aware that the wonderful Grace and Flavour community garden and allotments were National Trust associated, but it was only last month when we were told we were next on the list and that the plots were going to be available from the beginning of September, that we realised that they were part of the new allotment pledge.

So we are very pleased and honoured to take on the 1000th plot, - here it is.


It hadn't been allocated with the rest of the allotments in April, as it had a great big water trench dug through it to supply the community garden, so the far end is rather clay where the diggers had gone down deep and brought up subsoil in laying the pipe. The near end at the front had been the site of the massive bonfire last year when the site was being cleared. so there is plenty of potash in that area, and it was easy to dig.

I've got a large plot of land to call my own, and this morning i've been planting my first crops - Blackcurrants, Spring Cabbages and Leeks. We've even been featured on the National Trust's website

So ideas and feedback welcomed, - what do you suggest should be top of my list to go in next?

(photo credit Professional Images )

Update -

Yes we have got a completely dug plot, to start with, - that's the thing about a community garden, lots of helpers, even in the rain, - so yes this plot was dug in a morning, if you'd like to watch a Benny Hill Stylie Timelapse of our morning of digging, - download the video here Download timelapse.flv (7435.0K)  


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Margaret (@maogden)

You could plant onion sets now and garlic I think.


Oh what a wonderful looking site - how exciting

Claire, Plantpassion

Thanks Margaret, Onions and garlic def on the list, - any fave varieties? - think I want a red onion

Helen it is sooo exciting, 100 sq metres to plant food and flowers on. Strawberry runners transplanted today

The Enduring Gardener

HI Claire, I'd devote a small amount of space for cut flowers. How about planting some bulbs now to get you started in the spring. Here's a few of my favourites :

Best of luck.

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