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Eggs for Breakfast - Rescue chickens to the rescue


8 weeks ago at the beginning of July, we got 3 new rescue chickens. At that point they had been out of the battery cages about 1 weeks, and came to us looking rather bald, - I wrote about them here.

Now after 8 weeks of attention from us, and friends while we were on holiday, (thanks chicken foster parents :) they are fully feathered, and all giving us eggs every day, - which is just in time for the beginning of a new school term so that I can make boiled eggs, and eggy bread for breakfast each day.

They are also now willing to take slugs from me to feed on, but i've still got to get them liking ground elder, - the patch under my apple tree now needs some serious attention.


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Chickens are great fun and good company in a garden, not to mention they will finish up table scraps and turn them into eggs.

If you are interested in keeping chickens we offer a 4 week online course with hen expert Francine Raymond.

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I can't believe a whole year has gone by since Rob and my adventure over to the Adriatic Sea. Back in September of last year, we were lucky enough to visit both Croatia and Montenegro.

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