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Quick Gardening tip - End of season Daylilies

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day September 2011

The mornings are getting cooler, the trees are starting to loose their leaves, but I love the colours of autumn, so i'm enjoying what's flowering in my garden this month.

This Sedum Autumn Joy obviously loves it's spot, and the Aster behind it (variety unknown, donated from a client garden) is just starting to pop into flower.

This Aster - Frikatii Monch has been flowering since July, but still appears to have plenty of buds left on it.

I'm a bit of a Dahlia novice, but i'm rather pleased with these two.

This one was also liberated from a client garden. This was part of a Huge clump that we dug up 4 years ago when a landscaping project was happening. The client had been told it was Bishop of Llanduff, but that usually has dark foliage, whereas this is green. Unfortunately the tubers we replanted in the clients garden didn't come through the winter 2 years ago, but this one is going from strength to strength, so I need to learn how to propagate it to give some back.

(any lessons, or thoughts on if the foliage could change over the years appreciated)

Now for years i've looked through Sarah Raven's catalogue and been amazed at the range of Dahlias. Last year we planted several borders that included them, and this one - Karma choc was left over, so I had to have it, and I think this colour is stunning.

I've also got


Rudbeckia and another Aster

and the cyclamen hederifolium are still brightening up my shady border, along with some Colchicum Water lily.


Thanks as ever to Carol at May Dream Gardens for hosting this monthly whizz round the world into blooming gardens



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I love that aster. I didn't think they had such a long bloom period.- Or do you have the British climate to thank?


Seeing all your neat fall photos makes me really wish my shoulder was healed enough to use my SLR... taking pics of beautiful plants certainly is addictive! Enjoyed my visit... thank you, Larry

The Sage Butterfly

Lovely images of your garden! Your susans are really going for that last glory before autumn. Happy GBBD!

Claire, Plantpassion

Commonweeder - Frikatii Monch starts a lot earlier and lasts a lot longer than any other variety that I know, - obviously havn't tried it outside of the uk, - but why not look it up?
Larry - our professional photographer for our allotment shots last week only has one working arm - very interesting to watch him working one handed, glad you enjoyed
Sage Butterfly, - thanks love the Rudbeckia, but they don't grow very tall in my soil, whereas at clients down the road in clay.... (that's another blog post there!)


Just beautiful...I love the mix of blues, gold and perfect for fall!

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