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Quick Gardening tip - End of season Daylilies

Daylilies (Hemerocallis) are fantastic summer bloomers, and look great on Mass.

In shades of Red and Orange, they brighten up many a border during the months of June and July.

But by September they are looking a bit tired and messy, like this clump where i've been working today.

i've found that the best solution to tidy them up, is with a metal garden rake. - A spring tyne rake or one like this border rake. The trick is to hold the rake upside down, and lift the dead leaves out of the clump, rather than raking the debris towards you, which often breaks the live leaves as well.

t-dah, - one tidy clump of daylilies and a whole tub trug full of compostable waste.



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What a good tip but I'm not that keen on day lilies which is probably because they dont like my garden!!


Really good information, but they do need the right conditions to grow.

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