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Quick Gardening tip - as the leaves start to fall

Border planting - a front garden refresh

Sometimes a border isn't bad, it just isn't working all the year round.

That was the case with this front garden border, which was the focal point as you pulled on to the drive

It was originally planted up 4 years ago, and although some of the plants are working well, the soil has been compacted by workmen replacing windows, and hidden under scaffolding for 3 months, so it was time for a refresh of the plants and the soil.

The Pittosporum and Heuchera's are providing all year round colour, - but the spring bulbs had actually done too well, which meant that after they were finished, their foliage drowned out the growth of the summer flowering plants.

At the back of the border in the  rainshadow of the house, the soil was bone dry and dusty. The prickly Hybrid tea roses, were making it very difficult to get to the back of the border to weed.

I've solved that issue by - taking out the roses, digging over the soil and removing weeds, watering deeply, adding organic matter, watering again, - then planting dry soil loving lavenders. These will fill all the space at the back of the border behind the roses, hopefully smothering any weeds. I've then planted Alliums underneath them, - the tatty bulb foliage will be hidden by the scented lavender foliage.


At the front, we've gone with more of what aleady works well, so more heucheras - This time Creme Brulee, and Alchemilla Mollis, - transplanted from the back garden where it looks fantastic all summer. Aster purple dome and Rudbeckia Hirta, will provide late summer colour, and the Hellebores which are hidden under the vine at this time of year will provide winter colour when the Vitus has lost all it's leaves


I removed lots of daffodil bulbs, from all through the border, and so I replanted some of them, but in groups, so that we get spring colour, but so that the foliage won't overwhelm new growth coming through.

This was the end result




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That looks great, a job well done! I've got lots of refreshing to do in our garden and will hopefully use the winter months to do some planning of what will work where.

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