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Quick Gardening tip - as the leaves start to fall


As our Indian Summer ends, and the winds pick up this week, - the trees will suddenly realise that Autumn is upon us.

Make sure that you protect your lawn, by regularly sweeping up the leaves, - but not with a metal spring tyne rake. That is great for getting moss out, but for taking the leaves off the top, use a plastic rake.

There are plenty of large fan shaped ones in garden centres and the DIY sheds at the moment, - but I love this one from Wolf tools, as I can put it on to different sized handles, depending on where i'm trying to clear.

Make sure you use your leaves. - I've written before about the benefits of leaf mulch. - It takes slightly longer than compost to rot down, but makes lovely organic soil improver.



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Wandering Jew

Thanks for this Gardening advices, they are very useful.

Hanna at Orchid Care

Hi Claire. That’s a great tip about the plastic rake vs. metal and the use of leaves in mulch.

I also use fall leaves as ground covers around roots of plants which helps protect them from frosty winter days or nights. To keep them from being blown away by winds, I mix them with some potting soil.

growing potatoes

Quick and easy. I can make it before going to work. Since I started my garden on my new house, I have to maintain and build a new garden. Thanks for this.

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