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My lovely hubby doesn't get a mention very often on this blog, - but in 2011, he's got a lot more interested in gardening, - particularly community gardening with Grace and Flavour. This means that this year for Birthday and Christmas, the gadgets that he's bought can be much more garden related.


He's been eyeing up the weather station that my Mum and Dad have for months, - so we now have one of our own attached to our greenhouse.

The weather is always a topic for conversation amongst gardeners. I know that I don't have to get out of bed in the morning but just have to look at my twitter feed to see what early rising gardeners all over the country are making of the morning conditions and how they relate to what they'll be doing today. - Now we can join in and tell people what the wind speed is, - how much rain has fallen, the humidity and pressure plus what the temperature is. All without leaving the kitchen of course (benefits of wireless technology).

Now this morning for instance the temperature has risen to a balmy 5.9 degrees C, from frozen - so it's time for me to go and do some weeding.


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Is it gardening gadgets all round this Christmas? I'm still such a luddite and just stick my head out the window each morning, look at sky, gauge the temperature and decide how many layers to put on.

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Weather stations are great, they make life alot easier, for instance because my line of work is indeed very much governed by the weather, all I have to do is look at the weather station to decide whether to go to work or to go back to bed lol


That's a great idea! I have a weather app on my phone but don't always think it's v accurate - and even the bbc's site isn't always accurate either.

May have to put one of these on my xmas list...!

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