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Enjoy your Poinsettia, but Just for Christmas

When I worked in Garden Centres, by Christmas eve, I was sick of the sight of Poinsettias. (and Cyclamen and Christmas trees for that matter) But in the 7 years i've been working for myself I have mellowed slightly.


The red bracts are cheery colour for the Christmas and New year period, and unlike Cyclamen, they don't mind the central heating. Just as long as you keep them moist, they'll be fine, because they are used to the warmth of Mexico and the Carribean.

That's where I first saw one in the ground, not in a pot, - On my Honeymoon in St Lucia.- I'd love to show you the photo, but that was pre digital cameras, and i'd have to find it to scan it in, - but believe me It was a about 8 feet high and as our anniversary is in January, it was in full colour.

That's the thing you see, they want to be that big, - to get them to grow here in pots, the nurserymen (and women) use a growth regulator. So I was amused by this lovely blog, by the Cycling gardener, that suggests that Poinsettias are - like puppies and embarrassing grandparents, - they're not just for Christmas.

You see, although his blog is totally correct about how you care for Poinsettias, and how you get them to recolour, - why would you?, when the resulting plant is trying to get to St Lucian size, and it means you having to draw the curtains in the spare room at a certain time all through the Autumn.

No, you MAY be able to get your Poinsettia to recolour, but I say use our great English Nurseries each year. Make sure you enjoy your Poinsettia, - but JUST for Christmas.



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