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Recycling and reusing your Christmas tree

12th night is nearly here, the decorations are being removed, but what do you do with the remains of your christmas tree?


For the last few years, we've got a needle last Nordman fir, as a Cut tree.

Only Pot grown (not potted) trees, have a chance of growing in the garden after being inside for the last few weeks. However i'm not going to feel that i've wasted this wonderful tree, as after giving us weeks of pleasure, we're now going to shred it and add it to the compost bin.

This will balance out the weeks of only putting in kitchen waste, and will give our compost bins a good layer of "brown" composting material to aerate the bin, and stop our mixture going sloppy.

If you havn't got a shredder or compost bin, make 2012 the year you get these fantastic garden additions, - but in the meantime, - here's the list of where you can take Christmas trees to be recycled locally.


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Ena Ronayne (@plantmad)

We are both thinking along the same lines Claire. You might like to have a read of my post and should you have any Irish followers they may be interested as the post lists local depots for recycling near where I live in Dun Laoghaire Co Dublin Ireland?

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