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RHS February plants and design show review

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day February 2012

There's not much out in my garden this month, - 2 doses of snow since the beginning of the month should have meant that there is nothing, - but these Snowdrops go on and on


They were completely flattened last week, and looking very floppy, but have stood back up in defiance at the February cold. I think that they are probably Galanthus Elwesii.

Also still going strong are the Cyclamen coum


I've got several patches of these, and i'm hoping that they'll spread themselves.

There are some Hellebores coming out into flower, but they are very disappointing at the moment, unlike the beauties at the RHS plant and design show in London today, so i'm hoping that they will be looking better by next month.

If you want to see what's flowering all over the UK and the world in other garden bloggers gardens, - pop over to May Dream Gardens, - with thanks as always to Carol for rounding them all up.


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Scott Weber

Well, even if you only have a few, those are a GOOD few to have! That Cyclamen is absolutely charming as can be!

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