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RHS February plants and design show review

It's many years since I last made it to a London RHS show, - well about 7 actually, as I havn't been since William arrived, - but as this years show was happening in Half term, I decided to drag my son up to London, and bribed with the promise of a gift, (Angry birds Ipod cover if you must know) He made his first visit to the RHS halls in London.


Some things were reassuringly familiar from when I last visited, including this Sea of Ashwood Hellebores.

But there were more displays of grow it yourself than I remember, including a great display of potatoes from Pennards

As a seven year old, - not everything interested my son, - although he did love the displays in the design hall


of course when we walked into the hall, I asked what he wanted to see, and he said Lillies, - I told him it was the wrong season, but sure enough, - there they were

These are some of the other things that caught his eye (taken with an ipod camera, not mine)


I only saw 3 other children in the Halls the whole time we were there. As it was Half term, and Children are free, I'm a bit suprised by that, Ok we didn't manage to sit still through a whole talk (about unusual fruit) and if i'd been on my own, I probably would have talked to a few more of the stall holders, rather than dashing around trying to keep up with William, but his attention was held by the different plants and displays for over an hour. His favourite plant was the dark iris, he loved the display of cacti and the tropical plants on Crug Farm Plants stall. - His only negative comment - they havn't got any books for Children, Mummy.


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Robert Webber

Hi Claire!
Thanks so much for this post.
Could almost smell the lilies!
And the pic of your son with his arm in the 'alicroc' is too funny.
Thanks again

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