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When Spring is a long time coming

It may be light after five o'clock now, but i've been feeling a bit bereft the last few days. - Not only has it been too frozen and snowy to do much gardening, but my beloved Mac computer gave up the ghost on me last week.

I've got a new one now, and i'm gradually moving everything across. Today i've been going through some of my thousands of photos.

Obviously looking at summer flowers and baskets of colourful fruit and vegetables could have the ability to make me even more blue, - but then I found this photo

This was taken 2 years ago this week, and it shows my Vegetable plot looking very, - well Februaryish

The good thing is that I also found these


taken at the beginning of July 2010


taken the 1st week of April 2010 and


taken the 1st week of July

and they prove that within a couple of months, I will be harvesting new season's salads, and my vegetable patch will be groaning with the weight of growing crops, rather than shivering under a layer of snow and frost.

Roll on Spring


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comparer mutuelles

hey, I really like your website, but I can't see the pics, is it a problem with my browser ? (I'm using internet explorer)

See you later,


Claire, Plantpassion

Hi Julie, - sorry you can't see the pics, - i've asked some of my Twitter followers with Internet explorer to check and they can all see the blog pictures, - so don't know what to suggest.

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