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Keeping your plants as teenagers - Hedera Helix

In real life, - you don't want to keep your children as teenagers, you want them to grow up and leave home at some point. With plants however, there are some that you want to keep in their teenage/juvenile form, as that is better behaved. (unlike real life)

Hedera Helix is a good example of this 2012-03-08_001

In its Juvenile form, it is a great plant for covering walls and fences, - it is evergreen, grows in shade and lots of forms have very pretty leaves.

But keep it trimmed regularly (once or twice a year at least) other wise not only will you loose site of what it's growing on (in this case a lovely wall), it will grow up.

The adult form of Ivy has Larger leaves, and flowers and berries. The berries are loved as winter food by birds (although poinsonous to us and dogs), but the main problem if the ivy is in the wrong place is that the adult form grows a heavy wooden trunk.

if it gets through a fence (like here coming into my veg patch in 2008) the weight can bring down even the best erected fencing posts. and can grow up trees and smoother and break them.

Just 2 years later, this fence was in tatters


and had to be replaced at great expense. - The Ivy looked wonderful from the neighbours side,-A lovely big evergreen shrub that was shielding the fence from view.

So if you've got Hedera Helix - English Ivy in your garden, - give it a trim soon to keep it as a teenager before it becomes too heavy.



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