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The new greenhouse

Well it's here, fully erected (by us) and almost stuffed with plants and seedlings already.

My new greenhouse, - probably my last ever greenhouse, (this one should last a lifetime) is in place.


it's got a few things that I need to sort. There were a few bits left over. The erection over the weekend could have been smoother if the packaging and the instructions had been better, - but to their due Hartley Botanic were on the phone at 10am on Monday, after a couple of frustrated Twitter exchanges to find out what they could do, and there will be detailed feedback given.

I would like to show you more pictures of the features I love, - the guttering, staging, lovely finishing. - but I havn't got time - I've got seedling to pot up, and seeds to sow.

If you want to find me, - i'll be in the greenhouse


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Ena Ronayne (@plantmad)

oh wow, got to say it's a million times better than the last one! I'm so jealous... Enjoy!

Phil Voice

I'm envious Claire:-))


OMG I LOVE your greenhouse! It is gorgeous! You now have my mind scheming on how to do this in my dream, but one day!! So glad you posted this, found you through Blotanical, love the blog. Cheers Julia

Claire, Plantpassion

thanks for all your love and envy, - i'm really enjoying it every day. - Julia, I havn't been on blotanical in ages, - must check it out again.


oh wow, so jealous, looks fantastic!

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