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Allotment progress 8 months on, - and special visitors

Last September, - you might remember that my family were allocated a rather special allotment. I havn't written about it much, - but that doesn't mean that we havn't been (regularly) working it, and harvesting our crops, - particularly to go with our Sunday Roasts.


It's been a real family affair. - I've been down there on my own only a handful of time, - mostly it's all 3 of us.


This is our plot in all it's glory yesterday, - when we were visited by His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, and lots of other important local people including our Mayoress. We were asked lots of questions and William proudly showed them round, - including pointing out the eaten pea plants (rabbits or deer we're not sure what's evading the perimeter fence)


The rest of the volunteers at the Grace and Flavour garden (over the wall in the photo) also got to show off their acheivements and then in the best of british traditions, there was lots of tea and cake.

Well done to Su and Bob for organising the day, and all the G & F community gardeners and allotmenteers for being there to show off what we've acheived in the last couple of years.


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Andrew @ Garden ideas

It's great to see the kids in the open air especially when they are enjoying the gardening.
And if you can get the children into growing vegetables they will truly appreciate their fresh food and hopefully pass it on to their offspring.

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