Border planting - view from the kitchen window one year on
Allotment progress 8 months on, - and special visitors

No longer thirsty, but don't forget to feed your borders

I garden on chalk, and my front garden is very free draining and nutrient poor. - This year,however my front lawn border, is looking particularly lush, with iris's and tulips, bluebells, dicentra and brunnera, plus the summer perennials already bulking up.


But although the plants are growing, there is trouble ahead, as a lot of the nutrients that are needed to feed this lush growth have been washed out of the soil by the persistant rain, or pushed down below the root level of small plants.

Over the coming weeks, if plants aren't given extra food, the currently green growth will turn yellow and look sickly.

I'm feeding all my gardens with Worm leachate on a weekly basis, but any soluble general fertiliser, or seaweed extract, will help to get quick take up of nutrients to keep my lush plants looking healthy. - At the moment i've got full waterbutts to use, - and rain water is definetely better for the plants in our hardwater area.



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